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Robust Equity flows across most regions...

Deutsche Bank : European Monthly ETF Market Review for October 2017

Data in this report is as of 31st October 2017

European ETP Monthly Highlights (Assets, Flows & Launches):

Assets & Flows: Assets rose by €22bn MoM (Total Assets €651bn), Net inflows +€7.6bn (YTD +€82.8bn)

10 New Launches: 6 Equity, 2 Fixed Income, 1 Commodity ETF and 1 Commodity ETC.

Investment Themes for the Month Equities (+€6bn) - Winners: Global DM +€1.4bn, Japan +€1.3bn, Europe + €1.2bn, US +€1bn and EM +€0.5bn; Smart Beta covering all regions saw + €712mn inflows.

Regional flow drivers:

Europe (+€1.2bn): Regional (Euro STOXX 50 & MSCI EMU) were the major contributors. Mid Caps, Small Caps and Financials also benefitted.

Other regions (+€4.2bn): 1) Global DM inflows (MSCI World) 2) Japan inflows (MSCI Japan USD Hedged & TOPIX) 3) US inflows (S&P 500) 4) EM inflows (MSCI EM and MSCI EM IMI).

Fixed Income (+€1.2bn) - Inflows into all regions except EM; Winners: US + €569mn, Global DM +€460mn, Europe +€333mn ; Losers: EM -€316mn . Regional flow drivers:

Europe (+€333mn): Inflows in Corporate Bonds offset by outflows from others sub segments.

Other regions (+€0.7bn): 1) US inflows (Sovereign & Corporate IG), 2) Global DM inflows (mostly in Corporate IG) 3) EM outflows (entirely in Sovereign bonds).

Commodities (+€321mn) -  Gold inflows (+€410mn), Crude Oil outflows (€156mn).

Turnover: MoM turnover decreased by 2% The total turnover activity into European ETPs decreased by 2% where total turnover observed was (€57.4bn) compared to the last month’s total (€58.7bn).

Source: ETFWorld


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