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ETFGI reported today that assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe increased by 40.1% during 2017 to reach a new high of US$802.38 Bn at the end of December. .....


Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner at ETFGI

According to ETFGI’s December 2017 European ETF and ETP industry insights report, an annual paid-for research subscription service, assets invested in European-listed ETFs/ETPs grew by a record US$229.76 Bn during 2017, over double the previous record of US$67.00 Bn set in 2016.
The increase of 40.1%, from US$572.62 Bn at the end of 2016, also represents the greatest growth in assets since 2009 when markets recovered following the 2008 financial crisis.

This record was achieved on the eve of another milestone for the ETF industry: the 25th anniversary of the listing of the first ETF in the US, the venerable SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY US), on 22nd January 1993. At the end of 2017, SPY on its own accounted for assets of US$271.39 Bn.

During 2017 ETFs/ETPs listed in Europe saw record net inflows of US$108.28 Bn; 94.4% more than net inflows for 2016, and over double the average for net inflows over the previous 5 years. December 2017 also marked the 38th consecutive month of net inflows into Euopean-listed ETFs/ETPs, with US$1.63 Bn gathered during the month.

The majority of these flows can be attributed to the top 20 ETFs by net new assets, which collectively gathered US$33.60 Bn during 2017. The iShares J.P. Morgan EM Local Govt Bond UCITS ETF (SEML LN) on its own accounted for net inflows of US$2.93 Bn.

Top 20 ETFs by net new assets: Europe

Similarly, the top 10 ETPs by net new assets collectively gathered US$5.03 Bn year-to-date during 2017.

Top 10 ETPs by net new assets: Global
European-listed Equity ETFs/ETPs saw net inflows of US$1.63 Bn in December, bringing net inflows for 2017 to US$108.28 Bn. Equity ETFs and ETPs experienced net inflows of US$4.27 Bn in December, growing net inflows for 2017 to US$70.73 Bn.
Fonte: ETFWorld


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