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UBS lists 3 Bond ETFs......

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First Trading Day 23.11.2017


Product Name UBS ETF BBG Barclays Euro Inflation Linked 10+ (EUR) A-dis
ISIN LU1645381689
Symbol INFL10
Issuer UBS
Fund Currency EUR
Trading Currency EUR
Bloomberg Ticker INFL10 SW
Reuters Ticker INFL10.S
Underlying Bloomberg Barclays US Gov 10+ Y Inflation-Linked Bond Index
Management Fee 0.200%


Product Name UBS ETF BBG Barc Euro Inflation Linked 1-10 (EUR) A-dis
ISIN LU1645380368
Symbol INFL1
Issuer UBS
Fund Currency EUR
Trading Currency EUR
Bloomberg Ticker INFL1 SW
Reuters Ticker INFL1.S
Underlying Bloomberg Barclays US Gov 1-10 Y Inflation-Linked Bond index
Management Fee 0.200%


Product Name UBS ETF JPM USD EM Diversified Bond 1-5 (USD) A-dis
ISIN LU1645385839
Symbol SHEMB
Issuer UBS
Fund Currency USD
Trading Currency USD
Bloomberg Ticker SHEMB SW
Reuters Ticker SHEMB.S
Underlying J.P. Morgan USD EM Diversified 3% capped 1-5 Year Bond Index
Management Fee 0.420%


Source: ETFWorld


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